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  AI Sires  
Monopoly 2
Heat Wave X Century Touchstone Angus
TH carrier & PHA free

Monopoly is the hottest sire going right now, he needs no explanation, he simply makes the great ones and we love our recent Monopoly calves
Heat Wave 1
Heat Seeker X Maine
TH carrier & PHA free

This bull has more big time and local winners then any other bull in history. His clones still provide great ones, that have the perfect frame, style, hair, top, and the list can go on and on.
I Am Legend I am Legend
Heat Wave 1 X Checks in the Mail

TH carrier & PHA free

I am Legend sold for a record breaking $83,000 in the fall of 2007 straight out of the pasture. Very rarely does one bull combine such a tremendous amount of muscle, mass and bone and still remain incredibly sound. I am Legend could possibly be one of Heat Wave's greatest sons.
  Tiger Woods
Monopoly X Doctor Who

TH free & PHA free

Big square butt, chubby, sound, and plenty of pipe. Tiger has been a standout since day one. The TH and PHA clean version of Monopoly, with traces of Hazel and a powerful Dr. Who donor running through his veins females sired by Tiger should be equally as valuable as the males sired by him. 
  Herd Sires  
  DLDJ Outlaw ET
GVC Maverick X DLDJ Karma 031
50 % Maine Anjou 50% Angus
TH free & PHA free

Our newest bull, Maverick of the DLDJ herd. This donor cow in 3 years has earned over $45000 in revenue. His flushmates are making waves and we look forward to his calves.
  Red James
HeatWave X Hardcore
50 % Maine Anjou

This one is a great one, his 1st calves were the 1st calves to head out this fall, even before the AI calves. We look forward to having considerably more of his calves this spring. Pictures to come!
  JAKA Bulleyes
Eyes on the Money X JAKA Sparkles (Sim Maine)
50 % Maine Anjou 50% Angus

Bull Eyes exemplifies his father with one word. POWER, this bull will add all the depth of body you've been looing for. He has been shown to give both maternal and show steer genetics.
  JAKA Bulldozer
CR Eric(FJH Executive) X UPT Miss Windswept(Cunia)
Black Purebred Maine Anjou

A great purebred Maine Anjou with color. He's been shown to make some great fronted, thick, big footed calves, and his color has worked to make great roan calves
No photo available CR Eric ET
FJH Executive X CR Donor
Black Purebred Maine Anjou

This bull from the Center ranch in Texas, was a stout, complete, clean, bull out of a notable show string of cattle. His son became our greatest heard sire.