Komma Club Calves
"Where your next great one comes from"
  We run a crossbred heard of Maine Anjou, Simmental, and Chiangus genetics. We have a mission to raise the best quality show cattle in the world. We pursue this with a heavily culled herd of 130 cows with a progressive AI and ET program focused on Show cattle genetics. Visitors are always welcome, This is small sample of  our tremendous calves, come and check them out personally.  
This Red James(HW son) steer is big footed, big bodied, and he balances power, a huge top, with all the hair you need to go to the final drive. We can't wait to get him into a show kid's hands.

We're looking for great things from this Monopoly 2 bull calf, he's big footed, powerful, sound as a cat, and is a tremendous fall prospect.
This Tiger Woods daugther, is an extremely feminine, stylish heifer out of a 2nd calf heifer. This THF and PHAF will be a tremendous asset in the winter show season and later in anyones program

This Bull Eyes calf is a cocky little rockstar. He has one of the smoothest strides and he just knows how to show himself. He has tremendous style and is my personal favorite this year...

This Maine Anjou yellow and white steer, is extremely smooth. He has the color and extension to make a judge take a triple look. He's big topped and a strong contender, for any fair.